We are pleased that the Lord has called us to provide vehicles for international workers who come home from the field who need a vehicle.  The length of time the vehicles are used can be as little as few weeks to over a year, based on availability.  

We are privileged to minster primarily to C&MA international workers in Eastern Pennsylvania District but also serve all international workers from all mission agencies upon request.  The vehicles are not limited to use in Pennsylvania but can be used throughout the United States. 

We currently have 8 vehicles for use:

        2000  Toyota Sienna

        2000  Dodge Grand Caravan

        2003  Chevrolet Lumina

        2008  Chevrolet Venture 

        2006  Chevrolet Impala

        2010   Chrysler Town & Country

        2010   Ford Fusion

        2013   Chevrolet Malibu

Please contact the church via email or phone call to inquire about using a vehicle and or giving to this ministry

Vehicle Agreement